• ​E-mail messages
  • Messages from various organizations
  • Current news
  • Talking books
  • E-books and E-Pub content
  • Talking magazines
  • Daily newspapers
  • Local and national talking newspapers
  • Audio description and TV subtitles
       (if available)
  • Club member news
  • Newsletters
  • Local, regional, national and
       international radio stations
  • Theme channels
  • Podcasts, RSS feeds
  • Plays
  • Radio and TV guide
  • Medical news (patient information
  • News channel for VIPs
  • Defined website pages
  • offers current, varied and extensive information in spoken form
  • very easy to operate: only 5 push buttons
        and one dial
  • includes remote control for all functions
  • on-line DAISY player
  • wireless internet on-board
  • on demand IP audio player
  • speed and pitch are adjustable
  • advanced navigation
  • remembers your favourites
  • speech synthesis to play out text based
  • sleep-timer
  • built-in spoken user guide
  • plays out from SD card or USB stick
  • copies CDs from external CD drive to
  • download station for portable players
       (Milestone, Victor Reader Stream, Plextalk
    ​    Linio Pocket and Booksense)

Webbox2 offers reading pleasure and information on-demand!

Audible news and information
The new Webbox 2 is ideally suited for those who are blind, partially sighted or have reading problems. This world's first multi-media player was developed for VIPs using advanced technology for intuitive eye-free operation. Webbox2 is a practical device because it is so easy to operate. This multi-media on-line (DAISY) player with audible prompts gives access to a wealth of information (news, current affairs, messages) and entertainment (talking books, plays, radio stations). Webbox2 is plug and play.
Choices are made by listening to the audible programme guide and pressing OK to select.

The unique Webbox2 keeps you in touch with the world. It is an Internet radio, an on-line Daisy player and so much more! The latest news and information is very easy to access and you can enjoy listening to the latest talking books and most recent issue of your favourite magazine. Even your daily newspaper.

Webbox2... more than an on-line Daisy player!

Powered by Solutions Radio


Features of Webbox2

What can you listen to with Webbox2?

  • A broadband connection
        (ADSL, cable, wifi, 3G/4G)
  • Definitely NO computer
  • Power connection
       (battery is factory option)
  • Membership of a library with
       (DAISY) talking books
  • A subscription for talking
    ​   magazines and newspapers

What do you need?