Radio stations:
Unlike any other internet radio Webbox2 tells you exactly to which station you are listening. No guessing or waiting for a jingle to tell you where you are! If you press the info button on the remote it even tells you the name of the song, the artist etc. provided of course that the radio station supplies this information (RDS).
If your internet radio station is not available on the Webbox2 let us know and we can see if we can add it to your personal playlist. Alternatively, you can request a password to give you access to our elaborate database of radio stations, which is larger than what you receive in the standard playlist and you add your own radio stations. If for instance you are a fan of classical music you can go to the genre section of our database and add your own selection of classical stations from all over the world!

Talking books, magazines and newspapers:
If you are a member of one of the libraries which Webbox2 is able to access, then a wealth of books are at your disposal. Books and magazines can be streamed. The bookmark facility ensures that when you stop reading the next time you switch on Webbox2 it will resume where you left off. What's more when you press the volume dial it goes into pause mode and then you can scroll backward or forward in the text.  

Program guide

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Thanks to the in-built TTS Webbox2 are able to read numerous website pages. Think of Wikipedia. In the case of Wikipedia you the listener can select a topic that you want to research by using the volume dial which scrolls the alphabet. When you have given the name of the topic you are looking for to Webbox2, it will say that there are an x number of articles on the topic you are interested in and then read the various pages.This is a first and others will follow! This is Webbox2 being interactive.your paragraph here.

Current available content:

E-mail messages
Messages from various organizations
Current news
Talking books
E-books and E-Pub content
Talking magazines
Daily newspapers
Local and national talking newspapers
Audio description and TV subtitles (if available)
Club member news
Local, regional, national and international radio stations
Theme channels
Podcasts, RSS feeds
Radio and TV guide
Medical news (patient information channel)
News channel for VIPs
Defined website pages