What is Webbox2?

An innovative aid for those with a visual or reading impairment to access audio information and entertainment.
It is a device which allows you to easily access content available on the internet without even touching a pc!

The content available using the internet varies from spoken books, magazines and newspapers to newsletters, radios stations, podcasts, website pages and so much more!

Current news is available with one touch of a button. Indeed information on demand!
Webbox2is the most advanced multi-media player developed with the visually impaired in mind.

User Friendly

Besides the advantage of having information directly available, the Webbox2 distinguishes itself from other visual aids in that its operation is so simple! Ideal for beginners and/or senior citizens.

Audible prompts guide you through a wealth of information, which you only have to confirm by pressing the OK button.  In total the device itself has only 5 push buttons and a single volume dial.  Easy to remember and easy to use. The enclosed remote control duplicates these 5 functions and more. For example you can change the speed and pitch or set the sleeptimer by touching one button on the remote control.

How it works

Powered by Solutions Radio


How does it work?

Once set-up and connected to internet, press the ON button, and a the audible program guide with a choice of content can be heard. When you hear the subject of your choice merely press the OK button to confirm your choice and the chosen content will be heard. This could be a radio station, podcast, talking book or magazine etc.
Upon receipt of a Webbox2 a playlist with the current content is made available to all listeners. As new content is found and added to the playlist this too automatically becomes available to all listeners.